With more than 20 years of experience, Kallmar has maintained the philosophy and way of doing things from its beginnings as cabinet-making: handmade and customized pieces, made both conscientiously and affectionately by and for someone, responding to the customers' requests and optimizing the quality of the product to the utmost. Thanks to that way of doing things, this small workshop of Navarre has been well established in the current national market, a market in which both the rigour and the compromise are the main ingredients

The beginnings

Ademobel, a cabinet-making workshop located in Pamplona, was founded. Its philosophy was based on handmade, personalized and customized fabrication.
The company changed its production method: From that moment on, the customization of pieces will be carried out through technical and anthropometric studies in order to get the most use of the wardrobe's space. Thanks to it, the company's public objective will be put in a medium-high level.
Ademobel specialized in made-to-measure wardrobes so as to satisfy the different needs of the customers. That way of understanding the furniture made possible to distribute the product nationwide.
Miden was launched, the new program of the company which allows to customize the product according to the users' preferences and necessities.
Having established the idea of made-to-measure wardrobes, the sphere of action was expanded to Alava, Gipuzkoa, La Rioja, Navarre, Soria and Bizkaia. The product started to be sold by distributors. Production systems improved, always trying to maintain the philosophy of making customized wardrobes.
The company acquired its current name: Kallmar.
Building had been renovated and the current company, which has more than 3.000 square metres that can hold many people, opened.
Söla was launched; a new product of contemporary design customized and assisted not only technically, but also aesthetically.


Programa Miden

Kallmars' line Contract meets the necessity of fitting offices and big installations with furniture that joins quality, design and modularity so as to satisfy the specific needs of each space.

Work area

Programa Söla

Kallmar work team is organized around three areas: