“Being conscious of global identity and having the ability to progress constantly are the basic tenets of a contemporary lifestyle”

Jon García

Jon García

The main purpose of the creative process designed toSöla collection has always been the creation of a product which could reflect a contemporary lifestyle, and a contemporary lifestyle is based on being conscious of a global identity and having the ability to progress constantly. In short, it is based on the ability to change, to improve.

To that end, we have created a product with real global identity, a product connected with its surroundings through integration.

Söla is a bright product able to grow up and develop as time goes by. What refers to its quality, it is a collection characterized by its simplicity and based on technological ability and perfection of production processes.

In order to satisfy each users' current and specific necessities, we have created a modular system. With the aim of carrying out as many operations as possible at the workshop, and the minimum at the construction site, we have developed a program betting on individuality and based on modular construction.

When selecting materials, the main premise has been to highlight more the space so as to achieve visual and volumetric brightness.

With regard to the colour, the combination of soft and tranquil shades invites to relax in a place meant for resting purposes.

In short, the projects' philosophy is focused on the ability to modify the inner space with no need to add any complements, so that it could speak for itself.

Söla Collection


Made-to-measure independence

A contemporary collection characterized by its ability to work as an independent piece. It is a made-to-measure piece, exempt from a wardrobe hollow. Söla offers no end of finishes that allow to create an original room with a very personal touch. Program consists of: