Anthropometry is the study of the human body proportions and measurements. Nowadays, it is used for aspects of industrial design, wardrobe industrial design, ergonomics, biomechanics and architecture. Statistical data about body measurements distribution of the population is used in order to optimize the product.

That is why Kallmar produces its wardrobes attending to its anthropometrical study. The study establishes the height and size of the people and the position (folded or hanged) of clothes. Thus, according to that data, different aspects of the wardrobe such as the height of hangers, storage cupboards or drawers, and the width of the divisor are developed:

  • 280mm. for a folded garment.
  • 580mm. for two folded garments.
  • 840mm. for three folded garments.

Besides, we also develop medium measurements between 420 and 690 mm. for special accessories and adjustment modules which are mainly used for hanging the clothes out, because when clothes are hanged out, we make the most of the available space. This study helps Kallmar to develop high quality products in order to optimize the space of the wardrobe according to the customers´ customs and necessities.