Work area

1. Market area

How do we work?

We have a wide number of trade agents who collect the needs ordered by our distributors. It is very important to attend to fairs and other events, not only to launch the product nationwide or worldwide, but also to detect deficiencies and propose solutions which could solve them.

After detecting the market deficiencies, designers and assistants, having established the aesthetic criterions, will elaborate the new product by studying the options, finishes and materials available.


  • Sales force
  • Business support dedicated to train and inform with partners.
  • Customer service.

2. Projects area

How do we produce?

Here is where the technical part, quality control, expedition, after-sales service, and the organization of production activity are developed. Each product is treated personally so as to assure its guarantee and quality.

Controlling all the process provides more agility when a problem, whatever it is, has to be worked out.


  • Production technicians.
  • Designer.

3. Production area

How is the product introduced in the market?

The communication and sales part starts after coordinating customers' needs (received through Sales Department) with trends and designs of the Projects area designers. We work on a technical catalogue in which measures, finishes and systems are specified with the aim of helping the customer to select what he wants.


  • Production manager.
  • Production technicians.
  • Production personnel.